Pickleball Enthusiast
Ad Hoc Pickleball Committee.
Seeking interested “Pickler” volunteers to serve as  liaisons to the Board regarding matters that pertain to use of the courts and advise on any issues that may arise. Submit a brief statement about your willingness to get involved, including your availability and  contact information, to:  office@7oaksrb.com.
Message Board.
To promote open communication, we have developed a Message Board channel for the Pickleball Members. Our goal is to enable Pickleball Members  to communicate with other  Pickleball Members. We welcome your participation in our Message Board. Please select the link below. (must be registered, logged In  to this website)
Paddles at least 16 mm thick with carbon fiber surfaces and deemed to be “Control” models by paddle suppliers are generally quieter and have have a lower main pitch sound. There are numerous modes now on the market that meet that criteria. The following list here are known to be acceptable for play at our Community Center.
The Community Center has received a donation of six "Pickle Ball Mufflers". The are designed to significantly dampen the noise. You place it over your existing paddle. You can view the website, select here.
If you want to try one out, stop by the office and check one out. 
Attention Interested Pickleball Newbies.
Peg England and Meg Reilly are hosting a beginners' clinic for anyone wanting to learn how to play pickleball.  The clinic will be held at the 7 Oaks courts on MONDAY, APRIL 1ST, from 4-6pm.  Bring a paddle if you own one.  We will also provide some loaner paddles. Dress in comfortable but tight-fitting clothing and wear court shoes.
 For more information, please use the Contact Us and select  Pickleball Enthusiast.