Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the governing body for the Seven Oaks Community Center, Inc.  The Board is made up of volunteers from our community, and are elected by the Association members as defined in the Governing Documents.  Any property owner in good standing in the Seven Oaks Community is eligible to run for the Board.  Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to act in good faith on behalf of the Community.  They make decisions for the community regarding Association management, committee appointments, contracts, insurance, financial management, legal issues, enforcement, discipline, personnel, and other duties outlined in the laws and governing document
The Board meets monthly in a meeting that is open to members, typically on the second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM in the Community Center.  
Your Board of Directors are:
President Sharon Watson  
Vice- President
Michele Humphreys
Treasurer Scott Nelles  
Barbara Coats
Director Linda Sullivan  
Director Emily Beitler  
Director Reginald Rucoba  
All members of the Board are required to sign an "Ethics Agreement" that outlines the responsibilities of being a Board Member, establishes the guidelines for professional conduct, requires the protection of confidential information, defines standards of professional behavior and roles regarding employees and provides a mechanism for imposing disciplinary action when those obligations are not met.  That agreement can be viewed here: Code of Conduct for Directors and Committee Members adopted June 11, 2013