Notice of Proposed Change
Before adopting or amending an Operating Rule or changing the fine schedule  the board must provide notice of a proposed rule change at least 28 days before making the rule change. (Civ. Code §4360(a).)
Policies and procedures are not the same as rules. Rules tell residents what they can and cannot do, a violation of which can result in penalties. A policy or procedure describes how things are done.
The Board may consider a more conservative approach and treat all policies and procedures the same as any operating rule change and give membership the same 28 day notice for review and comment.  This approach will avoid any technical challenges in subsequent enforcement action.
If you wish to provide a written comment, you may select Contact Us and direct your comments to the Board.  You may also mail written comments to the office at 16789 Bernardo Oaks Drive, San Diego, CA 92128.
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