Board Elections
Community Center Board of Director Elections
The elections are held annually on the second Tuesday of March.
The term of office of directors shall be two (2) years. Four (4) directors shall be elected in odd numbered years and three (3) directors shall be elected in even numbered years. Directors are limited to two (2) consecutive terms and may not run again for a period of two (2) years.
Need to find your Account Number?
Please select here to view a listing of all account numbers with addresses. Type CNTL F to open search window and then type in your address. 
Election Rules.
Please select here to view the updated Election Rules.
Notice of Special and Annual Meetings of Members.
Please select here for the Annual Meeting Notice. The material includes time and dates of the Annual Meeting, including the ballot counting and the biographies of candidates running for the Board.
Application for being a Board member.
 Candidates may obtain the Board Candidates Requirements  by  Selecting Here or from the Community Center Office.
Election Timeline for Seven Oaks Community Center, Inc
11-11-2020 - Notice of Nomination Procedures and Deadline Mailing Date.
  • Last day to mail Notice of Nomination Procedures and Deadline by general notice
12-08-2020 - Candidate Statements 
  • Last day to submit your Candidate Statements to run for the Board.
12-11-2020 - Nomination Deadline.
  • Last day/time to submit nominations.
12-15-2020 - IDR Notice Date.
  • Give 10 days' individual notice to any non-qualifying candidate that they are not qualified to serve on the board. stating the reason and offer opportunity to participation in  IDR on a business day of their choosing 10-15 days after notice.
12-18-2020 to 12-28-2020 - Select Inspector of Elections.
  • Select one or 3 inspectors of elections.
12-30-2020 - IDR Completion Date and Preparation of Lists.
  • Last date to complete IDR of any non-qualifying candidate.
01-01-2021- Pre-Ballot Notice Date.
  • Last day to send pre-ballot notice by general notice.
01-28-2021 Voter List and Candidate Registration List Correction Deadline.
  • Last date for members to report errors.
02-02-2021 to 02-07-2021 - Ballot and Election Rule Mailing Date and Finalize Voter List.
  • Earliest and latest date to mail ballots to membership.
03-09-2021 - Voting Deadline and Ballot Counting Meeting.
  • Balloting Counting and conduct Annual Meeting.
03-24-2021 - Election Results Deadline.
  • Last day to provide general notice of the tabulated results.