Board Elections
Community Center Board of Director Elections
Election Results for March 12, 2024
Michelle Humphreys 492
Scott Nelles             430
Emily Beitler            365
Pat McDonald           254
Board of Directors - Candidate Nomination Form/Statement
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Election Rules:
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Election Timeline for Seven Oaks Community Center, Inc. (2024-2025)
11-12-2024 Notice of Delivery Date for Nomination Procedures and Deadlines.
  • Last day to deliver Notice of Nomination Procedures and Deadline by general notice or, preferably, individual notice. Include nomination procedures (including how to submit nominations per the election rules), nomination deadline, and candidate and director qualifications.
Within seven business days of receiving a timely nomination, continuing through the nomination deadline. Response to Nominations
  • (1) Within seven business days of receiving a nomination, give a written or electronic notice acknowledging the nomination to the member who submitted the nomination; (2) within seven business days of receiving a nomination, give a written or electronic notice to the nominee, indicating either of the following: (a) The nominee is a qualified candidate for the board of directors or (b) the nominee is not a qualified candidate for the board of directors, the basis for the disqualification, and (c) notice of the nominee’s right to IDR to appeal the disqualification. Notices (1) and (2) may be combined into a single notice if the nominee and the nominator are the same person. If the nominee is deemed disqualified, we recommend sending the above notices immediately to preserve your timeline. DO NOT WAIT SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS. For the IDR appeal, we recommend offering the candidate the right to participate in IDR on a business day of their choosing between 5 and 15 calendar days after the date the notice is given to the nominee.
12-12-2024 Nomination Deadline
  • Last day/time to submit nominations. Allow nominations actually received, and/or if provided for in the election rules, postmarked by the deadline.
Board Meeting to Candidates Elected by Acclamation
  • If all acclamation requirements are met, schedule an open board meeting to consider the qualified candidates elected by acclamation. The agenda item must reflect the name of each qualified candidate that will be seated by acclamation if the item is approved. The meeting should be scheduled after all qualified candidates are known (IDR appeals completed), but before pre-ballot notice deadline, if possible.
12-20-2024 to 12-27-2024 Select Inspector of Elections
  • Select one (1) or three (3) inspector(s) of elections consistent with the election rules. Note that as of January 1, 2020, attorneys, law firms, managers and management companies providing the Association with services other than solely as an inspector of election are prohibited from serving as inspectors. While this is a "soft" date, it allows adequate time for the inspector(s) to understand and delegate their duties. An inspector must be selected before the pre- ballot notice is delivered.
01-01-2025 Pre-Ballot Notice Date
  • Last day to send pre-ballot notice by general notice, including (1) date, time and physical address to mail or hand-deliver ballots to inspector(s); (2) date, time and location of ballot-counting meeting; and (3) the voter list correction deadline. While posting is permitted, members who requested individual notice are entitled to mailing and mailing to all members is recommended. This date also begins the period during which members may verify the accuracy of their own information in the voter list. Before mailing/posting pre-ballot notice, prepare the voter list to be ready for any verification requests.
01-30-2025 Voter List and Candidate Registration List Correction Deadline
  • Last day for members to report errors or omissions in the voter list or candidate registration list to the inspector(s) of election. Any errors or omissions must be changed or corrected within two (2) business days of being reported. Members are allowed to verify their own information only on either list. Do not provide a copy of the voter list or candidate registration list to any owner during the election process. They may be subject to disclosure after the election as part of a records request.
01-31-2025 to 02-07-2025 Ballot Election Rule Mailing Date and Finalize Voter List
  • Earliest and latest dates to mail or otherwise deliver ballots to the members. Also last date to deliver election rules to the members by either individual delivery (mail) or posting them to the Association’s internet website address identified on the ballot. Also finalize and retain the voter list (containing all owners of record as of the date the ballots were mailed or otherwise delivered).
03-11-2025 Voting Deadline and Ballot Counting Meeting
  • Ballot-counting meeting can be scheduled after voting deadline if permitted in election rules. Conduct Annual Meeting or other ballot-counting meeting according to bylaws and election rules.
03-27-2025 Election Results Deadline.
  • Last day to provide general notice (mail or posting) of the tabulated election results (setting forth the number of votes for each director).