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  • How do I know if there is new content on the website?
    On the Home page in the bottom right is a box with a link to "What's New on the Site"
  • How do I learn about meetings and other announcements?
    Announcements are posted on the Website Message Board, and also in the Monthly Newsletter(SON)
    Also, you will be able to subscribe to notifications when posted. We believe that this capability will be a significant aid to communications in our Community.
  • Is Soliciting allowed in Seven Oaks?
    It is unlawful for ANY person to ring the doorbell of a residence, rap or knock on any door, or create any sound in a manner calculated to attract attention for the purpose of engaging in activity as a solicitor or interviewer if the occupants have posted on the premises "no solicitors", "no soliciting", "no solicitors or peddlers" or any similar language clearly denying invitation and entry to solicitors (San Diego Municipal Code 33.1409).
    Select here to view the San Diego Regulations for Solicitors.
55+ Rules
  • What are the exceptions to the 55+ rules? What about children, grandchildren and invited guests?
    The CC&R's state, "Persons under 45 years of age may reside in Seven Oaks for periods of time which total no more than 60 days per year."
  • How old do you have to be to live in Seven Oaks?
    At least one resident must be 55+ to live in the Seven Oaks community and all other residents must be at least 45 years of age or qualify under one of the exceptions.
  • What are the exceptions to the age restrictions?
    Those who can provide proof that they qualify under one of the below exceptions can be of any age and still reside in Seven Oaks, however, they would still need to be at least 18 years of age to have access into the Center:
    • A full-time caregiver for the senior
    • A disabled child or grandchild of the senior
    • Primary economic supporter of the senior
    • A spouse of the senior
  • How old must you be to buy into Seven Oaks?
    There are no age restrictions set by Seven Oaks on the age qualification to purchase.
  • Where can I read more about the 55+ rules?
    Please visit the Seven Oaks Governing Documents page, here, and select CC&Rs, and you will read the relevant section in clause #12 "Age Restrictions"
    You can also find the relevant California Civil Code section at this link 
Architectural Guidelines
  • How do I decide if I need to complete an architectural change form?
    The application form for Architectural Modification is available on this website under Governance / Forms.
    The form provides instructions on categories where a form is required, and if you need neighbor signatures.
    Also, the Architectural Office in the Community Center is open in the mornings on Monday to Thursday, where you can get advice.
Community Center
  • I don’t plan on using the Community Center, can I opt-out of paying the annual assessment?
    No, the annual assessment is mandatory for all owners as defined within your governing documents.
  • What does the annual assessment pay for?
    The annual assessments cover the care, upkeep, and management of the Community Center.
  • How do I register for access to password protected content?
    In the top right of the screen click on the Register link.
    You will be asked to add some profile information and your email address.
    In future releases of the website we will be posting material that is only available to registered users.
  • Is the website secure?
    Seven Oaks utilizes the services of a professional organization to manage the infrastructure for the web site - see https://www.hoa-sites.com/.
    The infrastructure is located within a secure data center managed by Rackspace - see https://www.rackspace.com
    Currently Seven Oaks does not collect credit card transactions, but if that service were added then that is provided by WePay or PayPal, both of which are PCI compliant.
    The Seven Oaks website policy is not to store sensitive personal information on the Seven Oaks website. Also, we do not store confidential information such as Architectural Committee complaints or Board of Directors executive session content.
    Certain information, such as budget, financial reports, minutes of open Board meetings are available on the website, and are protected behind member registration processes, that require residents to register and use unique usernames and passwords. User passwords are stored in an encrypted manner as hashed and salted.
    To view the Seven Oaks privacy policy please visit this link.
  • Privacy - what happens to my contact details when I sign up?
    Your contact information is never shared with any outside organization for marketing purposes.
    By signing up you will be able to access pages on the website that are only available to registered users.
New Resident
  • I am new to the community, how do I get access to the Community Center?
    Please visit the office during business hours.
  • Why do I need to show proof of age?
    Seven Oaks Community is a registered 55+ community, as such we are required to collect and provide proof that our residents comply with the age requirements.
    The federal guide that all adult communities should have and follow is the Federal Register Part IV, HUD 24 CFR Part 100, April 2, 1999 and can be downloaded at: http://www.hud.gov/offices/fheo/library/hopa_final.pdf.
    It requires that the board must conduct a census. It requires that all homes must have one person 55 years or older complete an affidavit and show proof of age. This affidavit must be retained as official records by the association. 
    If the records are not maintained, then the community will lose their 55+ rights and may be required to pay a fine.