RB Woodcrafters Club
We have an excellent woodshop where members can build woodworking projects for themselves or for the benefit of the shop.
We have mentors to teach woodturning and to help guide you in building your projects.
Tools; we have a 20” planer, a 12” joiner, 14 and 16” bandsaws, 2 router tables, a miter saw, large compressor for air tools, edge sander, 1” & 6”belt sanders, disk sander, 15” wide belt sander, spindle sander, table saw, lathe, scroll saw and numerous hand tools.  We also have hardwood for sale to members at very reasonable prices and stumps or branches for woodturning.
Safety and Use
We have created videos related to Safety and Use of the Woodshop,  Please select Safety and Use to view the videos.
To view or download the New Member Application Packet, Please select here.
For more information please go to the Contact Us link above, and select Club - Woodcrafters.
Knife, scissors, pruners sharping,  second Saturday of each Month.
Bring your knives, scissors, pruners, etcetera. This is our regular fundraiser to provide consumables and small tools for our community woodshop. We also sharpen drill bits, punch holes in leather belts, sandal straps and do minor repairs to chairs, small tables and small cabinets brought to the woodshop. We’re located at 16789 Bernardo Oaks Drive and our hours are 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM the second Saturday of each month year round. So tell your friends and neighbors, come early with your dull knives and garden tools. Our phone numbers are posted on the front entrance for access by those who are not Seven Oaks residents. Note; we do not sharpen saws or powered tools. Prices are; flat knives $3, serrated knives $5, scissors $4, garden tools not requiring disassembly $4, garden tools requiring disassembly $8, holes punched $1, and chair repairs $10 and up depending on the seriousness of the fix. We have also added laminating to our list of services for $2. If, after we sharpen them, your knives are not as sharp as you would like them, please bring them back and we will re-sharpen them for free or return your money, whichever you prefer.