New Website
We hope that you like the new website!
We call the December 2016 website release Version One since our intent with this first release is to ensure that all of the up-to-date content from the existing site is mapped into the new, easy to use website. 
We also hope that you enjoy the enhancements we made to the new site such as Club pages, the Photo Album, the pages describing improvement projects around the Center, information about Association Governance, and more.  We have added the News & Updates link on the Home page and will create Resident Only pages thereby adding new content that is not visible to the public, only to registered users.  Although the site is much more attractive and has more features, the cost to our Community will be less than our current web site administration because we will not need a paid consultant to administer it for us.  The website will be managed and updated by resident volunteers.
We have created an experienced Webmaster group of residents to help with the content.  After a period of training, Clubs will be able to add their own content. As examples, new schedules will be updated by HERB, RB Playgoers, and the RB Travelers, announcements from all the clubs can be posted on their pages, and the Library will be able to tell you of new books that are available.
Many thanks to the residents/Webmasters who helped with the current content (Alan Turner, Lisa Wright, David Colpitts, and Bill McClay). We welcome other residents to join our Webmaster Group. The web site uses functionality provided by HOA Sites which specializes in association websites, and there are more features that we will be deploying in the future. 
We welcome ideas from the Community for future additions to the website. Please use the Contact Us/Webmaster link in the main menu above.