RB Travelers
Rancho Bernardo Travelers Club has been around almost as long as Seven Oaks.  What do we do?   We travel, and we learn about places where others have traveled, and we share travel experiences. 
The club maintains and publicizes a current trips list, which changes monthly.  Working with local travel agencies, we sponsor both day trips and multi-day excursions year round.  Keeping our residents in mind, we try to minimize costs and reduce details. 
Day trips take us to places we haven’t been before and some we want to visit again, as well as provide informal opportunities for getting acquainted.  Recent day trip destinations include exhibits at the Getty Center, the Tournament of Roses Parade, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Catalina Island, Santa Anita Park Horseracing, and Point Fermin Lighthouse and Harbor Cruise.  We also offer monthly trips to local casinos.
Longer trips bring us adventures in some of America’s grand places, cruises both domestic and abroad, and international tours.  And to make it easy, pickups for most trips are right here in Rancho Bernardo.  Our members have lately toured the Black Hills and Badlands, the Canyons of Utah, New England in the Fall, Iceland, and have cruised the Danube River and the Panama Canal.
We meet in the auditorium at the Seven Oaks Community Center on the second Friday afternoon of each month.  Our meetings are opportunities for armchair travel, generally travelogues presented by professional speakers, and a chance to meet neighbors and socialize.
Open to Seven Oaks residents and guests over the age of 18.  Our membership fee is $12 per year.  We invite you to join us for a sample afternoon at no charge.
RB Travelers Upcoming Events:
  • The RB Travelers presents Bill Williams who will talk about his trip to Rural China 1:30 p.m. on Friday,  March 13, at the Seven Oaks Community Center, 16789 Bernardo Oaks Drive. 
  First time visitors are guests and anyone over 18 is welcome.  Refreshments are served and several Poinsettias will given as door prizes.
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