Architectural Committee Resource Page
The Architectural Committee has compiled various resources to provide membership  recommendations for desired plants, trees, and general care of your landscape.
Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants
Select here to visit the California Poison Control System website, describing the various plant lists and the  symptoms and treatment   associated wih the toxic plants. A PDF listing of the plants are available by selecting the choices below:
Invasive Plants
Select here to visit the California Invasive Plant Council website for science-based tools and information to help land managers and others make the best choices for California.
  • Select here for information about invasive plants.
  • Select here on a report titled Don't Plant a Pest.
  • Select here for a report on the Brazilian pepper tree.
Undesirable Plant list.
Select here for a listing of undesirable Plants.
  • Select here for summary article on reasons not to top trees. 
  • Select here for a downloadable report on 8 good reasons not to top trees.
  • Select here for a suggested tree list for Seven Oaks.
Pest Control.
  • Select here for a summary report on controlling Rats in our community.