Emergency - Contacts
The Phone Tree is a vital part of a family communications plan. This is the old fashioned form of social media. As an emergency communications plan it means that one out of state phone call insures that everyone is contacted.
Everyone in the family contacts the out of state designated caller. This person is able to give an update on everyone who has yet to call in, and how everyone is doing. They are the central source of information. Designate how frequently everyone reports back to that contact until reunited (hourly, half hour, etc), and then check in daily with any updates on how conditions, health or needs have changed. Be sure that your contact has a copy of your family emergency plan. This means they will literately be able to track your family as they check in throughout the process.
With this plan in place you can rest assured that you’ll know where, and how, everyone is doing as you carry out your family emergency plan. When used together, your family communications plan and family emergency plan help the out of state contact to act like the director of a well-run play.
A template form has been placed on this website for your use.
Please click here to access the form. You may download the form, update the form with your computer, then print and distribute to your family members.