Upcoming Events
Interactive (Online) Forms
Wednesday, August 18th to Friday, December 31st
Members now have the option to submit forms electronically (Age Verification; Modification; Violation CC&R)
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Water Aerobics - Canceled December 4th
Saturday, December 4th
No Water Aerobics Saturday the 4th due to the Crafts Fair
Save the Date and Vendor Details - Annual Holiday Craft Fair
Saturday, December 4th, 09:00 AM at Seven Oaks Community Center
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7 Oaks Community Center - Special Board Meeting
Wednesday, December 8th, 10:30AM at Room 2
Join us for a Board Meeting, See Agenda for detaiils
How to find my Account Number
Friday, December 31st
 Select here to find your Account Number. For Microsoft Windows Computer, press keys CNTL F to open the search window. For an Apple Computer, press keys CMD F .
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Town Hall Meeting - New Development to Update the Strategic Plan
Saturday, January 1st to Monday, January 31st
A Town Hall meeting will be scheduled in January to learn about an exciting opportunity for a new building to be constructed by the Bridge Club of North County. Additional information will also be posted on this website.
Seven Oaks Community Center Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 11th, 1:15 PM at Auditorium
Please join us for the Community Center Board Meeting.