While the Ceramic Club does not offer formal classes in ceramics, there is always someone willing to help anyone new to the craft. Our club works with low-fire slip poured into molds and with mid-fire stoneware clay.
The studio owns approximately 700 slip molds. Each member can buy low-fire slip from the club as needed to pour into the molds. Price ranges from $1- $3, depending on size. A large selection of underglazes, glazes and paints are provided by the club.
We also have mid-fire (cone 5/6) stoneware clay available for purchase. There is a potter’s wheel for throwing pots. A slab roller, small extruders and other tools are available for handbuilding with clay.
The studio has brushes that can be used in the studio but most people purchase their own brushes. It’s best to have a variety of brushes of different shapes and thicknesses.
The kilns are generally loaded and fired on the weekends.
The Ceramics Club holds formal club meetings twice a year. Dues of $20 are collected at these club luncheon meetings. Dues cover the cost of the glazes and kiln firings.
Ceramic Club Schedule:
  • Clay mentoring: Tuesdays 1:00PM -3:00 PM
  • Group studio: Wednesdays 9:30AM -11 AM
  • Studio available to members Mon-Sat 7:30 AM - 8 PM; Sun 7:30 AM - 6 PM.
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Susan Holbeck, President
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