Exercise Room
Exercise Room Improvements ?
Users of the Exercise Room are invited to provide feedback to the Board on ideas for improvements. Here are some of the areas where we would welcome feedback:
  1. Repairs to existing equipment. Do you know of any problems?
  2. Replacements for existing equipment?
    1. We have already received a request to replace the elliptical trainer
  3. Any equipment that we should remove?
  4. New equipment and facilities?
    1. Please note, we have limited space, so think about how new equipment would be located.
    2. In the past we had some ‘free weights’ but they were removed because there wasn’t sufficient space to use them safely.
How do you provide feedback?
  • Use the Contact Us link above, and select Exercise Room Feedback
  • Drop a note in to the Community Center Office, marked for the attention of Alan Turner
It is always helpful if you provide your name and contact info in case we need any clarifications to your ideas.
Please respond by July 7, 2017
I look forward to your feedback.
On behalf of the Seven Oaks Board, Alan Turner, Board Member.