Rules Committee
This committee has been established by the Board to receive community member input and to propose rules and regulations related to the "tree issues". The scope is to recommend rules, to be approved by the Board, to provide guidelines as related to the interpretation of clause 28 and related provisions in the CC&Rs.
Please note, the recommendations will be in the form of a Rules & Regulations document; it is not proposed to recommend changes in the CC&Rs.
For a full description of the scope and a list of the members of the committee, please click here.
How to provide input to the Committee
If you are a member of the Seven Oaks Community and would like to provide input, please use the Contact Us link above and select 'Rules and Regs Committee'.
Save the Date - for an open hearing, tentatively scheduled for March 23, 2017 in the Auditorium at 7:00pm - to be confirmed. It is anticipated that a draft of the proposed rules will be available before the meeting, and will be explained during the meeting, as well as the opportunity for comment and feedback from the members of the community.
We will provide updates to the community through this website; here is the current status.
The Committee has had it's first meeting and has identified some of the issues to be addressed. This is not a definitive list, but serves to indicate the way that the committee is working.
  1. Who can file a complaint?
  2. What are 'Grandfathered' trees as referred in section 43 of the CC&Rs? Section 43 is an example of a related provision to section 28.
  3. What does 'Original Condition' mean (in section 43)?
  4. What does 'needs to be modified, replaced or otherwise changed' mean (in section 43)?
  5. What is a 'View'?
  6. What is a 'Surrounding property' as stated in section 28?
  7. When is a view 'Substantially Affected' by a tree, as stated in section 28?
Click here for the text for sections 28 and 43 in the CC&Rs.
Click here for the page that provides access to the Seven Oaks governing documents
More details will be posted here in the future, as well as providing updates in the Seven Oaks Newsletter (SON).