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The Board has drafted a document "General Guidelines for Committees" for review and comment. Please select here to visit the Pending Document page.
From the GM’s Desk
A Message Board Survey is now available on the 7 Oaks website.  It’s an opportunity to voice your opinion on the feasibility of adding a Seven Oaks-specific messaging capability to our website.  The results of this survey will provide direction regarding “if” and “how” our community assigns resources to create, implement and support a new communication method for our members.
It’s easy and takes only seconds to vote:

1 - Click “Survey” (from the box on the right);
2 - Mark your preference from one of the three available choices.
The proposed Message Board would be specific to Seven Oaks members only.  Of the three choices on our survey, the 1st choice would be a capability for one-way posting by the Community Center and its Board of Directors.  The 2nd choice would include a capability for members to “chat” with other members.  And, the 3rd choice would be to NOT implement a Message Board capability for Seven Oaks but, rather, to defer to the Next Door Website (which extends to multiple communities and has no administrative relationship to Seven Oaks).  Marking either the 1st or 2nd choice would have no impact on the use or functionality of 
Your participation is critical and your vote is important to guide us where you want to go.  Thanks!


Curious about the demographic makeup of Seven Oaks?  Please see the Chart below on data acquired from the 2017-2018 Community Center's records.
From the Web Administrators
Introducing a  new feature of our website.
You now have the ability to view the amenities (rooms) that have been reserved  for our community members. Select Residents from the Menu Bar and choose Reservations.
Navigating our Website. 
A 2 page summary layout of our website.  Please click here to view.
From the Architectural Committee:
Any modification or complaint form can be dropped at the front office.
if you need to talk to a volunteer from the A/C office regarding your matter, please call and leave a message regarding what you are calling for and a volunteer will get back to you.
Volunteers and Clubs
Seven Oaks Community Center is looking for members interested in re-establishing its Stained Glass Club,  Please select Clubs - Stained Glass for additional  detail.
We will be adding new capabilities to the website in future releases. If you have suggestions please use the Contact Us and select Webmaster.
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Welcome to New Residents
Welcome to our Community.
  • To get a key to the Community Center, visit the Office.
  • Planning some changes to your property, please check out the Architectural Committee Webpage under the Governance Tab on  the Menu Bar. For Condo owners please refer to your own Condo documents for procedures.
  • Questions, check out our Residents/FAQ, or use the Contact Us link at the top of this page
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