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From the 2017 Arts and Crafts Fair
Please click here for the latest Photos taken from the Oct 7 Fair.
From the Web Administrators
We have added a Calendar to the Menu Bar.  Please take a look to view all the Events and Activities scheduled for our Community Center. You have the ability to view by Month; View Day; View Event.
Seven Oaks Community Center is looking for members interested in re-establishing its Stained Glass Club,  Please select Clubs - Stained Glass for additional  detail.
From the GM’s Desk
Thanks to all who supported the first quarterly performance, it was a success! Please come to our next performance on Saturday, December 16th at 5:00 pm. Gregory Page will be performing for your pleasure for only $3.00.
Our next community garage sale will be Saturday, November 18, 2017. Signup will begin October 16, 2017.
We hope that you will like the pages in our Menus (across the top of the screen) that speed access to our Governing Documents, Bylaws and Procedures, Board Meeting Minutes, our Library and Community Center and our many active Clubs.  We will keep you informed of projects that are taking place to improve our Community Center.  We will share general announcements regarding the Board and the Architectural Committee and explain actions we are taking.  Every time you come to the site, check NEWS & UPDATES by clicking on the box to the right.
We will be adding new capabilities to the website in future releases. If you have suggestions please use the Contact Us and select Webmaster.

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Welcome to our Community.
  • To get a key to the Community Center, visit the Office.
  • Planning some changes to your property, please check out the Architectural Guidelines under Governance/Architecture. For Condo owners please refer to your own Condo documents for procedures.
  • Questions, check out our Residents/FAQ, or use the Contact Us link at the top of this page
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